Trading Armour - Get the Best Automatic Chart Patterns Indicator for Enhanced Trading!

Automatic Chart patterns indicator in tradingview with market trap detection

Make Your Trades Smarter with Our Automatic Chart Patterns Indicator

– Leverage Bear and Bull Trap Indications for Maximum Gains
– Get Accurate Bearish and Bullish Label Signals for Better Trading

Trading Armour offers the best Automatic Chart Patterns Indicator for traders who want to stay ahead in the game. Our indicator comes equipped with essential features like Bear and Bull Trap Indication, Bearish and Bullish Label Signals, and Automatic SMS / EMAIL Alerts that ensure you never miss an opportunity to profit. Our indicator is easy to use and is perfect for beginner and expert traders alike!

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Key Features

  • Automatic Chart Patterns
  • Bear Trap Indication
  • Bull Trap Indication
  • Bearish Reb Label Signals
  • Bullish Green Label Signals
  • Automatic SMS / EMAIL Alerts