Your Ultimate Trading Signals Solution

Most Accurate Tradingview Signals Indicator.

Trading Signals for
best signals indicator system for mobile.

Introduction: Boost your trading game with TradingArmour's powerful indicator based on Tradingview, delivering accurate signals to help you make profitable trades. Join hundreds of satisfied traders and subscribe today.

Why choose

Complete Trading Signals System for 90% accurate trading signals.

Get over 90% Accurate Trading Signals

Trading Armour helps traders with over 90% accurate trading signals after you finish with Armour Tutorial. You need these tutorials for reading signals properly.

Forex, Stocks and Crypto Signals

Your Ultimate Trading Signals Solution

Trading Armour Indicator is Loaded with most powerful artificial intelligence Indicator.
It comes with Most Accurate and Non- Repaint LONG and SHORT Signals and Price Momentum Indicators which will help you to get Most profitable entries in the market.

Like its name it will do

Rest of The Job for you. Its like Ice on the Cake. Now Keep Switching Different time frames(15 min, 1h, 2h, 4h, 1d ect.) and you will
have New pattern on Each time frame. whenever an automatic pattern is indicating Breakout, Confirm it with Armour Scalper and Take Entry and Exit in Profit, as simple as that. TA Indicator Includes All chart patterns.
Every Bit of this Indicator is made to Make money.

Just Follow the Rules Explained in the Video tutorial and Start Trading with Trading Armour.


Accurate Buy Sell Signals


Trading Armour Indicators allows you to set email and sms alerts in Tradingview.

best signals indicator system for mobile.

useful Warnings

It prints "Long Risk high and Short Risk high" Warnings to stop you for making wrong moves.

User friendly

Trading Armour Works with Mobile, Laptop and Tablet. User friendly Interface to save your time.

What Armour Signals Indicators Includes ?

best scalping indicator on tradingview

Scalper Indicator

best buy sell trading signals indicator on tradingview

Entry and Targets indicator

best automatic chart patterns indicator on tradingview
Automatic Chart Patterns Indicator

Trading Signals Software Tutorial

Play Video
  1. What is Trading Armour?

Trading Armour is an accurate signals indicator that provides real-time trading signals based on advanced algorithms and technical analysis. This powerful tool can help you identify potential trading opportunities and make informed trading decisions. Trading Armour is easy to use and can be customized to suit your trading style and preferences.

How Can Trading Armour Help You?

1. Accurate Trading Signals: Trading Armour provides accurate trading signals based on advanced algorithms and technical analysis. These signals can help you identify potential trading opportunities and make informed trading decisions.

2. Customizable Settings: Trading Armour is customizable, allowing you to adjust the settings to suit your trading style and preferences. You can choose from a range of indicators and settings to create a personalized trading strategy.

3. Real-Time Alerts: Trading Armour provides real-time alerts whenever a trading signal is generated. This allows you to act quickly and take advantage of potential trading opportunities.

  • Conclusion: Trading Armour is a powerful signals indicator that can help you succeed in the financial markets. With accurate trading signals, customizable settings, real-time alerts, and backtesting capabilities, Trading Armour can help you make informed trading decisions and achieve your trading goals. If you’re looking to improve your trading performance, consider using Trading Armour as part of your trading strategy




Trading Armour Bot comes with Auto Trading Option to make your trades automated and hassle free. Well built and reliable Trading Robot designed to generate Profit and Maximise your portfolio. Main job of the bot is to Let you enter in Buy and Sell Trade after the alert email is sent by tradingview. It has been designed to work with every tradingview strategy which provides Alert Function. You can Trade with Leverage, Take Profit and Stop Loss.

Get this add on for just $99/- only (Free for NEW lifetime members)

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