Best scalping and swing trading indicators
Trading Armour Indicator Features
Here are the remarkable features that make the Trading Armour Indicator stand out:
1. Trend Bottom Prediction Green Dots: Gain an edge in your trades with accurate trend bottom predictions represented by green dots. Identify optimal buying opportunities and stay ahead of the market shifts.
2. Trend Top Prediction Orange Dots: Our indicator provides valuable insights by predicting trend tops. Stay proactive and navigate the market with confidence using this powerful feature.
3. Green and Red Momentum Indicator: Track market momentum with ease and make informed trading decisions. The dynamic green and red indicator keeps you updated on the ever-changing market conditions.
4. Bulls and Bears Control Line: Visualize the strength of bulls and bears with the green and red horizontal control line. Gauge market sentiment and adjust your strategies accordingly.
5. Easy Divergence Find: Identify bullish and bearish divergence effortlessly. This feature allows you to spot potential trend reversals and benefit from profitable trading opportunities.
6. Accurate Support Resistance: Pinpoint critical support and resistance levels with precision. This feature assists in establishing effective entry and exit points, further boosting your trading success.
7. Inbuilt Entry, Stop Loss, and Profit Targets: Simplify your trading process with inbuilt entry, stop loss, and profit targets. Streamline your strategy execution and minimize human error.
10. Buy Sell Signals: Receive clear buy and sell signals directly on your charts. This feature eliminates guesswork and empowers you to make informed trading decisions swiftly.
8. Risk Warnings: Stay informed about potential risks with our built-in risk warnings. Manage your trading strategies prudently and protect your capital.
9. Ribbon (Bearish/Red and Bullish/Green): Benefit from our intuitive ribbon feature that visually highlights bearish (red) and bullish (green) market conditions. Stay visually informed at all times.
10. Automatic Chart Patterns: Identify chart patterns effortlessly with our automatic chart pattern recognition. Save valuable time and capitalize on profitable chart patterns.
11. Bear Trap Indication: Stay protected from bear traps with our bear trap indication. Avoid potential false breakdowns and make informed trading decisions.
12. Bull Trap Indication: Our bull trap indication feature acts as a shield against false breakouts. Minimize losses and maximize profits with this valuable tool.
13. Bearish Red Label Signals: Recognize bearish signals promptly with our red label signals. Stay ahead of market downturns and protect your gains.
14. Bullish Green Label Signals: Identify bullish signals quickly with our green label signals. Ride market upswings and optimize your returns.
15. Automatic SMS/EMAIL Alerts: Never miss a trading opportunity with our automatic SMS and email alerts. Stay connected to the market even when you’re on the go.