Cryptocurrency is one of the most popular among new Traders as well as professionals. You can Trade cryptocurrency at many different exchanges but for new Traders it Requires a lot of knowledge to earn from crypto.

Do not worry i just solved your problem.
It takes few different indicators or strategies to make some green.
some of them are RSI, Money flow, Ema, Fibonacci, Technical Analysis ect.


In the Tradingview you can only load 2 indicators in Free account.
Premium tradingview account can cost upto $500 but do not worry. You can all upto 20 indicators for free.


Best Indicators on tradingview for crypto
Best Indicators on tradingview for crypto

In this Trading Suit above you will get All This In just 1 Trading Setup.
Presenting you TRADING ARMOUR Indicators Setup.

How to get this Indicator?

Step 1 : Visit to Read Features,  Watch Video tutorial ect.

Step 2 : open to check the price.

Step 3 : After Payment, Contact Admin via whats app.

FINAL STEP = GET ACCESS and start trading cryptocurrency with this indicator